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An Automotive Engine Management System for accurate ignition control and fuel injection timing as well as fuel dosage optimisation (petrol and diesel engines).




EU patent granted, other patents pending.


Next step:

Marketing design rights for intellectual property to:

  1. to Automotive suppliers and manufacturers, either planning to enter engine management
  2. or already being established in automotive engine control, looking to reduce manufacturing costs while increasing system performance and reduce engine pollution.



A new approach to ignition timing control and fuel dosage in automotive engine management systems for petrol and diesel engines.

The combination of a unique sensor and an adaptive approach to control ignition timing for gasoline engines or the injection point for diesel engines allows an engine to fire exactly at a defined reference point (upper dead-point), using in essence only one low cost sensor. The same approach also permits optimisation of fuel quantities.

 Unlike conventional predictive systems, a unique sensor permits an adaptive approach, maximising accuracy in real time and taking into account changes to the engine environment. With this approach, petrol and diesel engines can run continuously at peak performance, over a much wider range of parameters. Ignition timing errors are measured in real time and corrected on each cycle. Similarly, the effect on changes in fuel quantities can be measured and used to find the optimum fuel dosage in real time. With its unique sensor approach, the system can also handle different types of fuels (petrol, ethanol, gas, etc.) or mixture thereof, respectively bio-fuel in diesel engines and adapt in real time, immediately, to changes in fuel mixtures.

Since fewer sensors are required, this system also costs less to manufacture, while increasing fuel efficiency and reducing pollution.

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